Remove background from object with Pixelmator

Fast and easy. Use this steps to create a perfect selection.

  1. Go to the Selection tool.
  2. We want to use a mask so we click on “Select and Mask”.
  3. Click on “Select Subject”. This creates a good selection, but in the most cases not perfect.
  4. Click on “Smart Refine” to create a better selection.
  5. Adjust the selection by using the different brushes. Use for example the “Basic Brush” or “Quick Selection Brush”. You can use the OPTION button to add or delete selections.
  6. You can “Apply” these changes but i recommend you to create a mask of this selection so you can edit it in the future. Select “Mask” in the “Output” screen and click on “Apply”.

Redefining edges

If you remove the background from an object the edged aren’t always in the correct color. We can solve this in two ways.

  1. Use the “Expand” option in the “Select and Mask” tools. This way you can remove a percentage of the edge.
  2. The other option is by decontaminating the colors. You can do this by going to “Format > Image > Decontaminate colors”. Please note that this will flatten the image and your mask will be gone.